Northern Club Membership Rates 2019-2020

House Sport
Full Member 24+ £166 £215
Full Member 22 & 23 £132 £175
Full Member 20 & 21 £97 £141
Full Member 18 & 19 £66 £107
Junior Member 13 > 17 N/A £41
Junior Member 5 > 12 N/A No Charge
Bowls N/A £174
Student Member £64 £100
Non Resident Member £34 N/A
Associate Member No Charge

Associate Members who shall be over the age of 18 and shall be entitled to the use of the bars and lounge but shall not, as such, be entitled to participate in the playing of sport. This category is restricted to wives, husbands, partners and relatives of members who must accompany them when they visit the club.

Members can pay by cash, cheque or credit or debit card at the bar (ask the bar staff to put a copy receipt of the payment in the membership file) or monthly by standing order (you can get a standing order form from the membership secretary)If a member joins part way through the club year they will only pay pro rata (this only applies to full house and sport i.e. House £166 – Sport £215).

The club year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

If one member of a family pays the full rate – other members of the family are entitled to deduct 20% from their payments.

Any queries please contact the club membership secretary Ian Smillie at smillie or leave a message in the membership file (behind the bar).

A person who lives outside a radius of 20 miles from the club can join as a Non Resident Member and shall be entitled to occasional use of the club premises but is not allowed to participate in any outdoor game or squash/racketball.

For membership enquiries please contact or leave a message in the membership file behind the bar.

Membership Application

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For membership enquiries please contact