As per the Club rules, membership has increased by the June 2022 CPIH rate of 8.2%

Due to a significant electricity increase of around 300% the Club has had to apply a power levy to all members this year. This is reflective in the membership rates below.

TypeCategoryMembership Rate 2021 (prior year)2022 IncreaseAdditional Fuel LevyEarly Payment Discount offered to all membersMembership Rate 2022
HouseFull £169.75 8.2%£20- £10£193.50
House22/23 £135.00 8.2%£20- £10£156.00
House20/21£99.25 8.2%£20- £10£117.25
House18/19 £67.50 8.2%£20- £10£83.00
HouseStudent £65.50 8.2%£20- £10£80.75
HouseNon-Resident £34.75 8.2%£5-£42.50
SportFull £220.00 8.2%£20- £10£248.00
Sport22/23 £179.00 8.2%£20- £10£203.50
Sport20/21 £144.25 8.2%-- £10£146.00
Sport18-19 £109.50 8.2%-- £10£108.25
Sport13-17 £40.75 8.2%--£44.00
SportStudent £102.25 8.2%-- £10£100.50
SportWomens Cricket £75.00 8.2%£20-£101.00
SportBowls £178.00 8.2%£20- £10£202.50


The Northern Club offers two categories of membership, “House” and “Sport”, that are then further sub divided into age bands and some specific membership categories.  Membership renews annually on 1st October and the Club have a DD facility allowing payments to be made annually or over 12 months with all payments being taken on the last working day of the month.  Annual DD payments are taken in full in October.  Members can pay by card at the bar, and by cheque but we do not accept bank transfer.  The Club operates as a not-for-profit organisation and as such we keep out membership fees at a level so they are accessible to all.  Membership rates increase by the Office for National Statistics CPIH% based on 1st June each year.


House Membership

This category allows a member the use of the Club bar and lounge for socialising, free booking of the lounge for private events, use of the snooker room (over-18 only) and a 25% discount from our retail bar prices when a member card is presented with their order.  In addition to this, any member over 24 may nominate an associate member who lives with them, who is then allowed to attend the club with the member to use the bar and lounge without needing to sign in each time.  The Club operates a facility where members can add funds to their card to use at the bar.


Sports Membership

In addition to the benefits of house membership, this category allows a member to play as many sports at the Club as they wish.  The sports we offer are Bowls, Cricket, Hockey, Racquetball and Squash.


Age Related Categories

Age related categories offer a discount membership fee for members who are 13-17, 18-19, 20-21 or 22-23.  Member ages are calculated on 1st September to ensure all members in the same school year pay the same fee.

Special Categories

The Club offers some additional categories as follows …


              Bowls – for members who only with to participate in the sport of Bowls

              Life – for members who have paid membership for 50 years.

              Non-resident/Non-resident (overseas) – for those members who live away from the Club but still wish to visit on occasion.

              Student – offers a discount for full-time students and must be presented each membership renewal.

              Women Cricket – for women members who only with to participate in the sport of Cricket


Notes – 2021/2022

  • Prior to 2021/2022 the Club offered a £10 early repayment fee to members who paid prior to 31st Oct.  With many people moving to monthly DD and this discount hamount overly inflating our membership rates, this discount has now been withdrawn for 2022/2023 and all members have already had their subscriptions reduced by this £10 amount before their invoice was issued.
  • Due to the instability in the gas/electricity markets, the Club needs to raise an additional £32,000 over the coming financial year.  A £20 fuel levy has been applied to everyone’s membership this year, to raise £10,000 of this requirement.  Revenue will also come from increases of our bar pricing, further increases (more than for members) for non-members using the Club bar, and increases in our other commercial activities.  This levy amount is not optional and forms part of the membership fee.