The Volunteers and Committee 2022

Meet The Hockey Committee

The committee is made up of some of the most dedicated people the club has. Giving up their spare time coaching, attending meetings, engaging with parents, members and juniors to answer any questions they may have. They often go above and beyond what their role is and you can tell because of the success of the club over the past few seasons. 

They are simply amazing and the most enthusiastic, dedicated bunch of people anywhere, we’re very proud of them all.

Simone McCaskill

Ladies Chair

As well as being the Ladies Chair Simone is also the Club Committee Co-Chair, Safeguarding/Welfare Co-Lead and Junior Administrator and If that wasn’t enough she is also a Club Umpire (Yes we got the short straw, jokes) 

Simone is very hyperactive, as if you couldn’t tell, life enthusiast and top Northern Hockey Facebook Poster!

Thomas Pfeiffer

Men’s Chair

Just like Simone, Tom is also the Club Committee Co-Chair but not to be outdone by Simone he is also the Kit Co-Ordinator, Co-Social Secretary and Co-Treasurer.

Tom is a long standing club player, striker and the only supporter of Germany when the rest of us are supporting England (We’ll let him off he does a lot for the club)

Jo Marshall

Junior Co-Ordinator

Jo Helps us keep our 60+ Junior and Youth Players in Check on a Junior training night and runs the best pitch side cafe’s in the north west.

Jo only recently too the position on at the end of last season and is already doing a fantastic job.

Hockey Heroes 14

Craig Moran

Head Coach

Just like many people on the committee Criag has a couple of roles within the club as well as being the Head Coach he’s also a Safeguarding/Welfare Co-Lead.

Craig is most probably the loudest person you will ever meet on the pitch with the biggest smile to match the volume.

Dom Batty


Dom like most people on the committee has many jobs which include not only the above but also hockey facilities maintenance lead, committee advisor and cheif atro gate lock replacer, basically he’s our cirsis manager of all thinks crisis

Dom has been with the club for a long while and is an integral part of the hockey section.

Man of Mystery

Communications Officer

The Comms officer has been nicked named ‘Snazzy’ for his colourful flyers and animations for our social media channels. He’s also a pretty good coach that we love having around, when he’s not swanning off coaching at other clubs.

He has helped us with streamling our comms and social media platforms so that we have a good brand identity. 


Club Media Officer

Working with the Comms Officer, Paul produces some amazing newsletter design and collates the content that goes into it… he is definately a Our Newsletter Guru

Paul is the son of our very own Dave Lewis, a northern hockey legend, keeping it in the family and we love it!

Jo Henderson

Fundraising Lead

Jo as well as being the great fundraiser that she is, is also the First Aid Lead for the club and our in house direct link tio the army should we need them to come to our rescue.

Jo can be seen on many occassions at the side of our pitch supporting our teams at training and match days.


Tom Collins

Men’s 1s Captain

As well as being the men’s 1st Captain Tom is also a club coach dedicating his time to coaching the juniors on a weekly basis. If that wasn’t enough hs is also a club umpire and a safeguarding/welfare officer.

In his spare time time can be seen picking up a mic and belting out some vocals being the closet karaoke king that he is!


Charlotte Dunham

Ladies 1s Captain

Charlotte is a dedicated member of the club as well as being captain she is also a club coach dedicating her time to junior training sessions. She’s also a welfare officer, club umpire and Co-Social Secretary.

She is obsessed with Halloween and she is our in house Queen of Halloween… oh and Binx the dogs Number 1 fan.

Grant Rolland

Men’s 1s Vice-Captain

Grant is also a Club Coach, Umpire and our resident scottish legand who promises he’s sorting a tour out in 2022/23

Grant… this is on the website so now you have to do it… people will want to know if you delivered on your promise. 

Mel Gillam

Ladies 1s Vice-Captain

We only have one thing to say about Mel… Spread Sheet Queen

Need we say more?

Callum McClelland

Men’s 2s Captain

Callum is our youngest captain that we have ever had in the club to date. He is dedicated, enthuiastic and just loves the game and the club.

Callum also happens to be our resident ‘BFG’ When you see him you will definately know what we mean.

Fran Lande

Ladies 2s Captain

Fran will be leading our ladies 2s this season as they enter the North West Hockey Development League which has been recently set up to help develop players. It’s for players who just want to have some fun enjoy their hockey but also a stepping stone for progression into higher teams and league

We can not wait to see how well this team does this season.

Paul Lewis-Freeman

Men’s 2s Vice-Captain

Some words from the vice-captain coming shortly.

Daisy Gould

Ladies 2s Vice-Captain

Daisy is a Hero… Yes she literally is as she coaches our Hockey Heroes and Juniors at training. We appreciate her dedication and support with our juniors. 

She’s quite shy but also fun and Feisty so watch out on the hockey pitch… as they say it’s always the quiet ones.