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OK so it’s not quite a shop but a list of retailers that offer services to Northern Hockey Club. 

We’re fortunate to have some great links with some sports retailers who offer services to the club and deals to our members. 

Please check them out as they genuinely offer great products and services. 

If you are a member of the hockey club you will be able to redeem discounts and exclusive deal from the companies listed below. Please ask your captains for any discount codes offered below.

Happy Shopping…

If you have any questions about the products they offer please contact them directly and they will be happy to help answer them.

Team Sport Direct is our Senior Team Hockey Kit Supplier. You can purchase the kit directly from them through the online club shop. As well as the Playing Kit you will find a wide range of training and leisure wear kit which include rain jackets and tracksuits within the shop.

Malooka is an athleisure brand and community of people with a passion for sports and enriching the lives of young people. 

Malooka is our Junior Kit Supplier. You can purchase Junior Kit directly from their wesbite by following the link

The Sports Bench is a family run business, with its roots in hockey. They have close links with Northern Hockey Club. They offer some great value for money products and genuinely care about the quality of service they give to their customers. You can find Shinguards, Gumshields and Junior Hockey Sticks on offer as well as other sports equipment. 

They offer a discount to all our club members.

Storm Hockey is dedicated to providing you with the very best products, with an emphasis on premium quality at affordable prices.

They offer a discount to all our club members.