Member Update – 27 November 2020

Dear member

I hope this finds you safe and well.

Following the Government’s announcement yesterday that Liverpool City Region is to be placed in the new Tier 2 when the national lockdown ends next Wednesday 2 December, I am delighted to tell you that we are planning to reopen the club and bar on Friday 4 December

This returns us to a similar status we operated under before the latest national lockdown, though pubs and bars in Tier 2 must now serve a “substantial meal” to each customer. 

To make this possible, Puddings Catering has produced an excellent bar menu (see below), which along with our pizzas, will be available on Fridays and Saturdays, and will offer a modified menu with a roast dinner option on Sundays. 

We are only able to open the bar when we are serving substantial meals, so for the time being we will be limited to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This will be kept under review – we need to be doing sufficient business on food and drink to make the arrangements viable – and if we believe there is sufficient demand to open on other nights, we will aim to make that possible.

Planned opening hours:

  • Friday 5pm – 11pm
  • Saturday 12.30pm – 11pm
  • Sunday 12.30pm – 11pm

In order to manage these arrangements effectively, we will be operating a bookings-only system. To book a table – single households only – email: stating your name, contact number, number of people, preferred time and day. Bookings will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, and your booking will be confirmed by email or text. Please do not come to the club until your booking is confirmed. Each person in the household group will need to order a meal to comply with the rules (we will be unable to serve you otherwise).

We expect it could be quite busy when we open next Friday, so please book early, and ideally by Wednesday 2 December for the Friday. If demand dictates, there will be two sittings at 5:00pm and 8:00pm on Friday and Saturday evenings (please state your preference when booking).

A reminder of some of the other rules is shown below this message, as the general requirements on social distancing, hygiene, wearing masks and so on must still be observed.

When we reopen, the Gents toilets in the Lounge will not be available, as they are currently undergoing a long-overdue refurbishment. This is likely to last until Christmas at least, due to current lead times on the materials and replacement units, so apologies for this inconvenience. Please use the toilets through the main bar.


Under the latest Tier 2 guidelines, we are able to reopen our outside sports (all ages, within social distancing restrictions) so hockey and our external astro bookings can resume on Wednesday 3 December. Team matches will be subject to governing body guidelines and travel restrictions between tiers, so this is likely to be subject to constant review.

Indoor sports can reopen for individual households and under 18s. We are awaiting further guidance from the governing bodies, but it means that squash and racketball is only allowable for household bubbles, single-player socially distant coaching by a qualified coach, and for under 18s. Within these restrictions, the squash courts will reopen on Wednesday 2 December. Showers will be open when the bar is open (currently Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday from 4 December). 

Obviously the intermittent closures and re-openings, and uncertainty in the ongoing restrictions, have brought major challenges to the club, as to other clubs and businesses around the country. So far, we have managed to access various support funds, as well as use the ever-changing furlough arrangements for the club manager and staff. This, as well as the fantastic support from you, our members, means that we currently remain in a stable position financially. It is though, a constant battle, and I’d like to thank our Treasurer and committee members once again for their tremendous efforts. For any members who have yet to pay this year’s subs, we would appreciate payment as soon as possible.

Our recent restrictions and those of the wider city region have brought COVID infections down sufficiently to enable us to avoid the more restrictive Tier 3 status. I am sure none of us relish the thought of having to close down again, and so we would ask for your patience and understanding in following the rules so we can remain open and operating as we approach the festive season.

Best wishes

Graham Kerr

General COVID-secure arrangements when attending the club:

Here is a reminder of some of the other rules – the general requirements on social distancing, hygiene, wearing masks and so on must still be observed.

  • Under the new Tier 2, for pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants in England last orders will now be 10.00pm, with up to one hour drinking up time – so closing no later than 11:00pm.
  • We are restricted by law to table service only. 
  • Table bookings must be in household groups only and groups cannot mingle.
  • Businesses are legally required to take customers’ contact details so they can be traced if there is an outbreak. 
  • The club can be fined up to £10,000 if we do not follow the rules, do not enforce social distancing, or do not take customers’ contact details.
  • Staff in hospitality venues must continue to wear masksas must customers when not seated at their table to eat or drink

So, as a reminder, when you arrive at the club, inside you must wait to be seated, and you must wear a mask until you are sat down (so please carry a mask with you). Your order and payment will be taken at your table, and your drinks and food will be delivered to you. You are not allowed to queue at the bar. 

You can use the toilets normally, but you must put your mask on as you leave your table, and please continue to observe social distancing and use the hand sanitiser provided.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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