Northern Snooker Reopening Guidance, 10th July 2020

Dear Member,

· We aim to reopen the snooker room initially at the same time as the club general opening from Thursday- Sunday, Thursday and Friday 6-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-10pm.

Prior to Arrival

· Members must not attend if they are unwell, have a cough, temperature, loss of taste or are in a period of self-isolation.

· Members only may play.

· Members should bring their own hand sanitisers, although sanitiser is available on entry to the main bar.

· Members where possible should bring their own cue.

· Members are advised to wear face coverings during play.

· A maximum of 6 players including referees to be in the room at any one time.This means a four and a two, or two threes per table. Two four handers playing at the same time is not allowed at this time.

On arrival

· Sign in at the desk in the main bar and hand sanitise. Details will be kept for 21 days in case required for Track and Trace and then securely disposed of.

· Tables can be reserved by placing names on the chalk board in the lounge. The chalk board in the Snooker Room is not to be used.

· If both tables are in use, members can wait in the lounges or outside until a table becomes available.

· It is the departing players responsibility to inform the next on the chalk board list that their table is available, and to set the balls up for the next frame.

Before Play

· One member of the group must be nominated, as the only player to touch the balls, both respotting colours, and resetting the balls at the end of the frame.

· Equally one player only must keep the score.

During Play

· Care to sanitise touched surfaces is essential. Where hand touches wood, for example when bridging to play a cue ball close to the cushion, the touched area must be wiped with antiviral wipe immediately, prior to the next shot.

· When a rest is required only the player to use the rest should fetch and replace it.The player must not be handed the rest. The rest should be wiped prior to replacement.

· Social distancing should be kept to 2m where possible. It is difficult to imagine where this would not be possible, but players should be aware of their proximity to others at all time and move away from the striker between shots to avoid crossing between players.

Food is prohibited.

· Drinks may be bought from the bar via the serving hatch. The bell should be pressed with a disposable tissue.

· One frame only to be played unless there is nobody waiting to play.

After Play

· On completion of the frame it is the outgoing players responsibility to wipe balls, rails and scoreboards to leave to area safe for those incoming players.

· On leaving the room, outgoing players must find and inform next on the list that their table is ready and all cleaning is complete


· Windows to be open where possible. Door to the room to be left open to maximise ventilation

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